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We are a team of floorcarefast.com and cleaning specialists committed to providing you with information on problems. We concentrate on:

  • Safe Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Care & Maintenance of Wood floor
  • Wood floor Decor and Beautification

floorcarefast.com is a website committed to helping homeowners take care of floors in their homes, schools or offices, and other public places. The services offered by the site cover a broad selection of flooring options, including hardwood laminate and ceramic marble, porcelain, limestone, natural stone, and more. We recognize the importance of floors and the necessity of maintaining their condition of them. Our team offers services such as floor cleaning tips, flooring tips, floor care, and products for floor care, including floor support many more. Our products, related to floor maintenance, comprise carpets and rugs, rug pads, furniture pads for furniture waxes, floor cleansing solutions, vacuums, carpet cleaners numerous others. Our company is distinguished from other companies due to its quick response time, comprehensive information, reliable products, and a real community of assistance.

Investing in a high-quality protection polyurethane finish can save you from the pain of reinstalling the entire floor or the warped or buckled flooring made of hardwood. Within this knowledge pool, you’ll find the best products and tutorials on how to set them up. Cleaning your hardwood floors is one of the maintenance practices which can cause damage or even save your investment.

What’s the Deal?

The web-based industry has exploded up to the point that there’s a lot of information about it. The big issue is what percentage of this information actually is of any use? This is what we do by providing valuable information and support. Our team of skilled researchers, writers, floor specialists, and even manufacturers can work hand-in-hand in providing reliable product reviews and suggestions for floor care and floor repair solutions, along with links to services for your home close to you. We also have in our group several highly skilled interior decorators and home decor experts who are available to speak directly with you by email. floorcarefast.com is a company that values your time, money, and effort. floorcarefast.com, we value your time, effort, and money. So why would you waste them on other websites?

What Do We Do To Do This?

We are driven by our desire to provide complete and useful information; we have organized our business into three networks. The first is the researchers and writers, The resources, and [3] our action teams.

We first empower writers and researchers to collect data at all times and connect directly with manufacturers and companies through email. Then, we connect with a group of floor experts, designers, engineers, and actual buyers of specific items. To prevent the influence of bias, we ensure that the customers we work with are screened to determine if they are affiliated with any existing businesses and brands. The last team we’ve got is the action team. The team is comprised of representatives from home service providers across the nation. If you require direct contact for home services (cleaning or maintenance or repairs) Our action staff will take care of the task for you.

floorcarefast.com Also, we partner with trusted websites, but they are mostly affiliate websites. We are dedicated to providing you with valuable information, support, and services; we have designed our system to include an information processor that reports reviews and validates the contents that are paid reviews.

What are the products we Select?

The majority of the time that we are here at floorcarefast.com will use an inventory of products that have been tested and proven to be effective. However, to ensure that we are confident regarding them, we cross-check the information with our customers, who are impartial, and treat them as professional sources. We also ensure that our interactions with brands are informational and not promotional. When you browse our website, you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products from various brands. We do not limit ourselves to just one. However, we do ensure that we bring out the top one. Overall, we recommend products that are rated by our own network of writers, experts as well as the action team.

Our Mission

floorcarefast.com can create cozy homes with durable flooring. To achieve this, homeowners can be empowered, and we provide helpful information and products. We also aim to build a community of experts in flooring care so that we provide floor care information to all and give everyone the chance to earn money from it.

We are our Ethics

In addition to not focusing on paid advertisements, We also make an effort to triangulate news articles, first-hand stories or impressions, and raw suggestions from our network to discover the most useful data. We are awestruck by our community of providers and seekers and aim to go beyond profit to create lasting benefits for everyone. Furthermore, we at floorcarefast.com company are committed to promoting environmentally friendly products because we are a fervent supporter of Mother Nature.

Get to Know The Team

Ruben Cowan

Hi, my name is Ruben Cowan and I am an expert in the field of floor care. With 12 years of experience in the industry, I have developed a deep passion for preserving and enhancing the beauty and functionality of all types of flooring. My extensive knowledge of various techniques and equipment used in cleaning, maintenance, and restoration has enabled me to deliver outstanding results for a wide range of clients, from individual homeowners to commercial property owners.

I take pride in my work and am committed to providing the highest level of service to my clients. Whether it’s restoring a tired-looking floor to its former glory or ensuring that a brand-new installation is maintained in pristine condition, I always strive to exceed my clients’ expectations. My attention to detail, combined with my expertise in floor care, has earned me a reputation as a trusted and respected professional in the industry.

Marie Gagnon

The ever-evolving Janet created the innovative floor care method in the year 2018. After completing a degree in Architecture and Interior Decoration in Paris, France and acquiesced to many awards over the years. Before she established floorcarefast.com, she designed homes across France, the U.S.A., Australia, and certain parts of Asia-Pacific. Her designs range from elegant to the modern Mid-Century, Bohemian, Contemporary, and so on. As an elite group of house designers of this century of innovation, Janet made it her desire to help people who aren’t like homeowners at a low cost. In the present, in light of the ongoing disease, as well as managing her business, Janet handles courses for decorators through Zoom.

Jone zen 

As the man of action in floor care that is smart, Jone always gets things completed. As an experienced engineer, he’s always been able to withstand the demands of mechanical plans. With a sharp tongue to identify technical terms in terms of brands, types, and chemical terms, you know it all. He is a complete reference on all things textile-related and construction. After working with janitors and builders for a long time, he can immediately rank the top home service companies across the nation.

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