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If you are looking for a bagless and affordable vacuum cleaner, then Bissel has got your back. The Bissell CleanView vacuum cleaner is one of the popular choices for people of different age groups.

Why is Bissell CleanView the perfect choice for cleaning your house?

No matter whatever floor type you have – whether it is hardwood, tiles, laminates, or anything else, Bissell’s CleanView will be your trusted partner throughout the process. With its revolutionary One Pass Scatter Free technology, you can clean the dust on the floors in a single go without having to repeat any process. 

Feeling excited, right? Then let’s start right away.

What is needed to operate the Bissell CleanView Vacuum Cleaner?

To operate the vacuum cleaner to clean your floors, first of all, you will undoubtedly need the Bissell CleanView cleaner itself. After that, you would certainly need a few of the following items to ease up your cleaning process.

1. Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

This vacuum cleaner from Bissell will make you think again about what a vacuum cleaner can do. Loaded with features in a single lightweight machine, the Bissell CleanView offers fast and easy cleaning.

It comes with an innovative brush design that rotates down the carpet and cleans more effectively on the initial pass. The easy empty dust cup has a capacity of 2.2 liters. On top of that, it comes with multi-level filtration and washable foam tank filters. 

Furthermore, you also get a rotation clear window and a hose of length 6 inches. Even after all of these features, this vacuum cleaner is super lightweight, making it a perfect choice, especially for the elderly.

Average customer satisfaction rating (Out of 5): 4.3


Cleaning is quick and simple with a portable vacuum with strong suction and an innovative brush design that cleans more on the first pass.
A new brush design rotates into the carpet to clean more thoroughly on the first pass.

Cyclonic system for robust and long-lasting suction. Type of Bag: Bagless
stair, furniture, upholstery, and other uses for the TurboBrush tool; 2.2 L for the dirt cup

Cleanable foam tank filter, multi-level filtration, and simple dirt tank emptying. Note: For instructions on installing and troubleshooting an item, please see the user manual included below. 6-inch hose length Rotating Clear Window Brush System


  • Powerful long-lasting suction for effective cleaning
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Washable filter
  • Long power cord


  • The extension tube is not very long

2. Nuetsa Power Strip with Surge Protector (12 Outlets; 4 USB Ports)

The Nuetsa Power Strip with 12 A.C. and 4 USB ports comes with a 3 level complementary surge protection up to 2700 J. It has a 45° plug and is made from a fireproof shell which ensures your complete safety.

Why is Bissell CleanView the perfect choice for cleaning your house?

It has 2 special widely spaced A.C. outlets in which you can plug your large-sized adapters. The 4 USB ports feature 17 W and 3.4 A, where each has a maximum capacity of 2.4 A.

Average customer satisfaction rating (Out of 5): 4.8


  • 6 feet heavy duty cables
  • Fireproof body material
  • Overload protection


  • Wall mounting is possible in only one orientation

3. Basics Drain Cleaning Brush

This heavy-duty Amazon Basics Cleaning Brush is very long-lasting and comes in packs of two. It has got extra stiff nylon bristles, and its ergonomic handle feels very comfortable on the hand during use.

Why is Bissell CleanView the perfect choice for cleaning your house?

It has an angled design that helps you easily access hard-to-reach places. On top of that, it has also got a hanging hole for easy storage. As a result, it is a great pick for people who do not have enough storage space in their houses.

Average customer satisfaction rating (Out of 5): 4.5


  • Durable
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to grip


  • Both the brushes come in the same color 

Design of Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The design of this vacuum cleaner has been made to ease up usability. It is very lightweight, making it very easy to carry for anyone. Its cord is 25-foot long, which means you can plug it and clean your carpets and floor easily, even if it is far from your socket.

Why is Bissell CleanView the perfect choice for cleaning your house?

However, if you still find it short because of your house orientation, then you can use extension sockets. It also has a 7.5 feet long hose, which gets the cleaning job done for an average home. 

But if you need to clean something very high on the wall, then it might fall short. In that case, you may need to lift up your Bissell CleanView vacuum cleaner and do the cleaning of your walls.

The price range

The Bissell CleanView vacuum cleaner is very pocket-friendly. Even after all the features that it offers, you get this for under 100 USD. As a result, it can be considered to be the perfect solution for people who needs a vacuum cleaner with the latest features and also within their budget.

What do you get in the Bissell CleanView box?

The Bissell CleanView vacuum comes with a lot of accessories loaded in the box

You get:

  • a crevice tool, 
  • a TurboBrush tool, 
  • an extension wand, and 
  • a brush attachment for dusting.

Using these attachments, you can make your house cleaning journey smooth like butter. If you can use them properly, then you can easily clean every corner of your house, no matter how difficult that place is to reach.

On top of that, they are very easy to attach, and you can just connect and disconnect them whenever you need.

So now say goodbye to your boxes of house cleaning equipment, as Bissell CleanView will clean your house and make it sparkling clean.

Setting up your Bissell vacuum cleaner

If you are worried about how you can set up your Bissell CleanView vacuum, then hear me out. Setting it up is as simple as drinking a glass of water.

Just unbox the products and put them in front of you. Then take the manual and just check out the diagrams there, and you will understand everything.

Insert the handle on the top of your vacuum and push it gently. Then screw it to the cleaner body. Then connect the hose and the clip tightly to the cleaner body.

Finally, fit in the cord wrap hook as the cord wrap. And with that, you are done setting up your Bissell CleanView bagless vacuum cleaner.

Performance and maintenance

You will simply have no complaints regarding the vacuum cleaner’s performance, considering its price point.

Why is Bissell CleanView the perfect choice for cleaning your house?

Such efficient cleaning at such a low price undoubtedly makes Bissell CleanView a good choice for many people.

Not only does it clean the house, but it also ensures that the dust is trapped inside using Bissell’s anti-allergen technology. Furthermore, the Bissell CleanView OnePass technology, allows you to pick up more dust in less time.

It is also known as the Bissell pet hair eraser, as it removes any hair on your floor.

It can also clean under your furniture with ease. Thanks to its release pedal. Just press it when cleaning and see the magic.

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner requires very low maintenance. Just remove the dust compartment and clean it off. For cleaning the brush roll, take off the screws and then clean it.

After that, clean the other interiors with a brush and screw the brush roll back to its original position.


If you are looking for a featureful vacuum cleaner that fits your budget, then Bissell CleanView will be your ultimate solution.

It goes easy on the pocket, fulfills the average cleaning needs of an average house, and also demands significantly less maintenance.

The design has also been done, keeping the user’s comfort in mind. With all the accessories that come inside the box, Bissell CleanView is your complete package when it comes to home cleaning.

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