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Entrance rugs for hardwood floors are an essential component of any home’s decor, as they provide an attractive and functional way to welcome guests and protect your floors from dirt, scratches, and other types of damage.

They are also available in various styles, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect rug that matches your home’s aesthetic.

When choosing the best entrance rug for your hardwood floors, there are several important factors, such as size, material, durability, and slip resistance.

Some of the most popular materials used in entrance rugs include cotton, wool, polypropylene, and synthetic blends, each with unique benefits and drawbacks.

Ultimately, the right entrance rug for your hardwood floors will depend on your style and needs and the specific features of your home’s entryway.

With a bit of research and careful consideration, you can find the perfect rug that enhances the look of your home and provides lasting protection for your floors.

Entrance rugs

Every household should have entry rugs. Indoor mats are essential for any home with a child or pet.

Why this 5 entrance rugs for hardwood floors has been selected

1. Waterhog eco commercial-grade entrance mat


Waterhog ECO Premier Entry Mats help reduce our carbon footprint. This Waterhog entrance mat’s unique diamond ridge design effectively removes dirt from shoes. This Waterhog entrance mat has a water dam border that holds water in its trenches and keeps it off the floor.


  • Waterhog ECO mats are 100% PET post-consumer recycling drink bottles and 15% post-consumer recycled tires. They have been awarded points by the LEED certification program of The Green Building Council.
  • Waterhog ECO Entry System stores water to prevent it from leaking onto the floor and becoming a slip hazard. The National Floor Safety Institute has certified it slip-resistant.
  • Floor Mats are anti-static and safe in computer rooms or electronic equipment.
  • Premier entrance mats can withstand heavy traffic and are suitable for outdoor use.
  • Waterhog floor mats can be cleaned by vacuuming, other extraction cleaning methods, or simply hosed off and let dry.
  • Face NUBS are reinforced with elastic to resist pounding and increase item life.
  • The borderline holds water and earth on the tangle to limit slip risk and prevent floor damage.
  • It traps and eliminates soil and dampness and keeps it below the shoe level to ensure it isn’t followed in
  • Grasping reduces development on most covers but improves foothold on more complex surfaces
  • Lays are level and will not bend or break like vinyl mats, even if you are into mat cleaning.

    2. WaterHog Fashion Diamond Polypropylene Fiber Entrance Rug


    WaterHog Classic/Fashion Diamond Mat is a 24 oz./yd. The mat that offers maximum durability. It has dual denier face construction to ensure maximum performance. Polypropylene fibers are 100% waterproof and dry quickly. The unique ridged design effectively removes dirt and moisture below the shoe level.

    WaterHog Fashion Diamond has a custom fabric border, while Waterhog Classic Diamond has a commercial rubber border. The rubber backing is green-friendly and contains 15-20% recycled rubber.

    The unique rubber-reinforced faces prevent piles from crushing and extend performance life. WaterHog’s exclusive Water Dam border allows it to capture dirt and water.


    • Prevents dirt from building up on the floor – A bi-level surface scratches soil and dampness from shoes. The water dam line traps dampness, keeping it off your floors. (The best doormat can hold 1.5 gallons per square yard).
    • Resists Blurring and Staining – The Solution-colored PET texture (24 Oz/square yard) is waterproof and resistant to staining. It dries quickly and doesn’t blur or spoil.
    • Friendly to the Environment – PET texture is made using 100% recycled plastic from drink containers. SBR elastic sponsorship uses 20% recycled elastic from vehicle tires.
    • Secure and Strong – Reinforced elastic strips keep the pile from pounding and extend the life expectancy of the tangle. The inside door mats have curved edges that protect progress from floor to tangle. They also ensure excellent traction by the NFSI.

    3. Notrax – 109S0310BR 109 Brush Step Entrance Mat


    PROTECTS YOUR FLOORING – This all-weather mat will protect your floors from any damage or wetness. The Notre floor mat protects your home from water, snow, salt, and other debris. The floor mat’s poly fibers absorb moisture while the vinyl backing is impermeable. This floor mat’s minimalist design will blend well with any decor. 

    EASY TO USE – The Brush Step design has a unique double rib high/low design, which helps get in between the sole tread of shoes for simple cleaning and drying. 

    The vinyl backing helps to keep the rug in place and prevents slips, trips, and falls. It is easy to vacuum because of its minimalistic, low design. It can be used as a chair mat or doormat. You can walk comfortably in your home thanks to the carpet-like feel of the poly fibers. 

    DURABLE/LONG LASTING -There is no need to worry about frequently replacing this indoor entrance mat. The mat’s slim design makes it ideal for medium-traffic areas. 

    This rug can be used in the home and office as a floor mat. It has the same strength as a commercial mat but is sleeker than a commercial mat. 

    Pet friendly: You love your dog but don’t like when they track in mud from the outdoors, spill food or water, and stain carpets. To withstand scratching, staining, and daily dog use, a more durable rug is necessary. You can easily vacuum your dog’s hair and hide pet stains with the brush step series.

    4. WaterHog Commercial-Grade Entrance Mat with Fabric Border

    WaterHog Diamond mats are stain-resistant, durable mats that trap dirt and moisture. They keep your floors safe, dry, and clean. These mats are not the standard waffle pattern. Instead, they feature a diamond pattern. WaterHog mats can hold 1.5 gallons per square yard of water, which keeps it off your floors. 

    The mat’s performance life is extended by rubber nubs that prevent pile crushing. The PET fabric’s surface is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. It is stain-resistant, quick drying, and won’t fade or rot. WaterHog Diamond mats were proudly manufactured in the USA and are certified high-traction by National Floor Safety Institute. 

    This mat has a rubber border. Note that mat sizes may vary due to rubber shrinking and expanding with time and temperature. The tolerance for manufacturing sizes variance is between 3-5% and 5%.


    WaterHog mats are stain-resistant, durable mats that trap dirt and moisture. They keep your floors dry, clean, and safe.


    • Bi-level surface effectively scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes, trapping it beneath shoe level to prevent tracking; water dam border holds moisture keeping it off your floors (WaterHog mats can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard)
    • Dimensions: 59″x35″
    • In Charcoal, the Rectangle shape
    • PET Polyester with Rubber Backing
    • Rectangle
    • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
    • 60% Post Consumer Content
    • Recycled Content: 60%
    • Limited Warranty for Life
    • Made in the USA
    • Note that mat sizes are approximate because rubber shrinks and expands with time and temperature. The tolerance for manufacturing sizes variance is between 3-5% and 5%.
    • For placement on tile or hardwood floors, smooth backing is preferred. For carpeted floors, cleated backing is preferred. You can use universal backing on both carpeted and smooth surfaces.

    5. Maples Rugs Pelham Vintage Runner Rug Non Slip Washable Hallway Entry Carpet

    Hallway Runner Rug 2 x 6 – Vintage-style with a dual-colored pattern that emits a luster-like sheen. For added durability and fade resistance, the 100% nylon pile is timeless. The 0.44-inch Pile Height allows for low placement in any setting. Made in the USA, this rug is easy to care for and machine washable.

    Made in the USA
    Maples Rugs Pelham area rug/runner brings a vintage look to traditional scroll designs. Dual-colored design highlights give off a luster-like sheen. Maples Rugs Pelham area rug/runner is a focal point for entryways, living areas, and bedrooms.


    Advantages of hardwood floor entrance rugs

    There are many benefits to using entrance rugs. This article will only touch on the most important.

    Keep the space quieter. They have a sound-hosing effect, which means that they reduce noise. This is a great benefit for pet owners and families, especially if they have ground-floor neighbors. Who wouldn’t love some peace and tranquility? A calmer, more peaceful environment makes it easier to relax, unwind, reenergize, study, read, and rest.

    Keep the floors clean. Your floors can be damaged by furniture, pet hooks, or other large, sharp objects. The region mat is a simple, attractive option.

    They are also lightweight and flexible, so they can be easily removed whenever you need them. If scratch marks are a concern, you might consider luxury vinyl or stone flooring. These are stronger and more resistant to damage than wood.

    Keep the area warm. Living in a colder part of the country will make you more aware of how much a heating bill can cost. This is especially true during the harsh winter months. Zone mats can be used to warm your home more efficiently and affordably. They trap heat and make your space feel cozier.

    Guides for Buying and Planning:

    Before you buy, here are some things to consider

    Carpets are an excellent alternative to hardwood floors, regardless of how busy you have been. Carpets are more expensive than hardwood floors, but they can increase life expectancy in areas with high gridlock. It would be best to consider where and how you will use it in your home before purchasing a mat.

    What are the Damages to Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood flooring can be expensive but more durable than other flooring options. However, it can still be damaged. Water can cause the ground to twist or even decay if it is soaked with excessive amounts. You may notice that high-speed gridlock areas scratch your deck.

    The top layer of stain, wood and other materials can erode. This, along with the earth, can further damage the ground surface. In high rush hour gridlock areas, floor coverings and entryway mats are a great way to prevent the rest of your home from getting filthy. They also limit the potential for abuse in that area.

    Elegant Doormats

    A mat could be a great option if you feel like you are constantly stepping on soil or garbage. There are many styles to choose from, each with its advantages that can reduce damage to hardwood floors.

    If your pet is prone to wet feet, and it happens frequently, look for a unique fiber. This mat will absorb the water from their paws and keep it away.

    They are easy to maintain and clean because they can be machined and dried (well disposed of). One problem with these carpets is that they can’t handle a lot of mud or coarseness. You might end up washing them all the time. It will protect your hardwood deck and prevent stain wear.


    1. Is it simple to wash a washing machine?

    If your floor covering is made from cotton or manufactured strands, you can wash it in the clothes washer with the towels. Use low-temperature water on the delicate cycle. Don’t forget to spot clean them. The elastic sponsorship won’t last week after week trips to the pantry.

    2. Is the mat safe to use on hardwood floors?

    It can be used with any hardwood decks or wrapped up. The typical elastic has a strong grasping force but won’t stick to your floors. Additionally, elastic cushions that are more eco-friendly than plastic cushions are undoubtedly better for the environment. This is because plastic cushions often contain synthetic compounds that can go without gas.

    3. It is suitable for high-traffic areas.

    Your mat should withstand heavy traffic, dampness, and stains. Your floor covering will last a long time if it is durable and easy to clean. Avoid materials such as hide, stowaway, and silk. These delicate textures are better suited for areas with low traffic.


    Entrance rugs for hardwood floors are a difficult decision to make. Especially when so many options are available. To ensure that you choose the right mat for your entryway, consider how much freedom you have.

    Once you’ve settled on that, think about what you believe you are forever clearing up. This will make it much easier to choose a mat. We have removed all the hassle of testing and trying out mats and section carpets to provide you with a comprehensive rundown of the top mats that will cover hardwood floors.

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