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Accidental water spills on wooden furniture leaves behind unwanted water stains. Those stains are stubborn, making it hard to get the water stains out of wood. This also means you have to give a great deal of effort.

How to get water stains out of wood? (Best 3 Easy Processes)

Not only furniture. This is true for wooden flooring, staircase, staircase handles, and other wooden structures. With that said, now let us have a look at how you can remove water stains from wood in an easy way. 

So, grab your coffee and sit tight. Let’s begin the journey.

What is needed to get water stains out of wood?

1. Easy Steam intelligent IronThis Compact 

iron is engineered with anti-drip technology and maintains a steady temperature of the water inside. Its ergonomic grip feels super comfortable on the hand. It has a motion-sensor-based three-way auto-shutoff that turns the iron off when inactive.

This 1200W iron has a push-button spray mister, which helps smoothen fabrics and removes wrinkles. Its nonstick soleplate ensures no sticking and smooth gliding of the iron on your clothes surface.

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Dynamic Steam Technology: To quickly remove wrinkles and deliver long-lasting, crisp results on clothing, linens, and other items, the Allure iron generates over 30% more steam. Compared to the T-Fal FV4476 and Shark GI405

Keep the iron operating at its best with the help of the Auto Clean system, which removes mineral deposits.

Variable temperature and steam controls: Separate temperature and steam settings allow you to adjust each location for the best results on all types of fabric.

Automatic Shutoff: For increased security, the iron turns off after 8 minutes on the heel rest or 30 seconds on its side or soleplate.

2. Revlon 1875W Shine Boosting Hair Dryer

The Revlon hairdryer has 3 different heat settings with 2-speed settings which ensures efficient air blowout. Its ionic technology is good for controlling frizzy hair.

Moreover, its smoothening concentrator and volume diffuser helps in maintaining your hair better. On top of that, its 3X ceramic coating helps you reduce the damage to your hair from over styling.

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3. Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste with Stannous Fluoride and Zinc

The Colgate Total toothpaste helps to whiten your teeth and prevents new stains. This mint-based toothpaste fights germs and bacteria which gives you a long-lasting fresh breath. 

In addition to that, it also protects your teeth and gum from cavities, plaque, tartar, swelling, and gingivitis. You can use this toothpaste and have a healthy mouth and proper oral care.

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What is the correct process to remove water stains from wood?

Our houses’ wooden structures and accessories are all made from different types of wood. Similarly, every stain that you see on wood is other. They are mainly classified into oil stains, heat stains, and water stains.

The water stains can also be categorized into black water stains, hard water stains, hot water stains, and many others. 

Therefore, there is not one particular hack using which you can remove the water stains from wood. 

The process is quite different for each type of stain and must be executed accordingly. You must be patient and carefully manage it through trial and error.

Removing water stains from wood using iron

In school, we all learned that water evaporates when heated. So let us apply that knowledge here. If you have a water stain that is not more than a few hours or days old, this trick is ideal for you. 

To remove water stains using heat, you can follow the steps below:

  • Take iron and put it to heat (do not overheat it).
  • Take a thin and light towel or a cotton cloth and place it over the stain.
  • After the iron gets moderately heated, iron the towel that you have placed over the stain.
  • After ironing that for some time, remove the towel and check whether any changes are visible on the stains.
  • Then repeat the process until the stain completely disappears.

Pro Tip:
Perform the drying process on a small area first. If you see positive results, then continue for the rest of the wood. This will prevent you from ruining the entire wooden surface in case of adverse outcomes. 

This is one of the simplest ways in which you can remove those unwanted water stains. Try it out and in the comments let us know how it goes. 

Use a hairdryer to remove water stains

If you are reluctant to use an iron to remove the stains or do not have an iron at home at present, then you can use a hairdryer. So let us have a look at the steps.

  • Plug your hair dryer into an electric power supply and turn it on in low heat.
  • Point your hairdryer towards the stain so that the hot airflow hits the water stain.
  • Move around the hairdryer a bit to the adjacent areas as well. This will ensure that you do not apply direct heat to your wood, which may result in overheating.
  • Continue the process for a few minutes, and you will be amazed by the results.

Both of these were the simplest methods to get rid of water stains. But if you do not find a satisfactory solution in any of these, then you can try out the processes below.

Remove stains using toothpaste

The above methods did not require applying anything to the stain. But in this one, you have to do so. So let us have a look at the process. 

  • Take your regular toothpaste and apply it to the stained surface.
  • Gently rub that with your fingers. Apply a little bit of water if needed.
  • Let it be there for a while. The chemical composition of toothpaste is highly effective in soaking the water and removing the stain.
  • Now take a cotton towel and soak it in water.
  • Then twist and squeeze the towel so that all the water drains out and only the towel remains moist.
  • Wipe the area with a moist cloth. This will clean the toothpaste and also the stain.
  • You can now apply some varnish to the surface.

That was all. Following the processes above, you can remove the water stains from your furniture, stair, or any wooden accessory you have got.


Water stains remove the overall beauty of your favourite wooden items. Getting such stains from minor water spillages is pretty standard. However, it will not be a problem if you know how to remove water stains.

Following the step-by-step guides above, you can remove any water stains and bring back the attractive look of your wooden items. You can try the process out, whether it is your wooden staircase or any wall design. You can surely give it a try and let us know which one works the best for you.

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