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Who are we?

floorcarefast.com appreciates our clients respecting their privacy. Indeed, managing personal information – including gathering, archiving, and using it – is our highest priority. This privacy policy will detail our policies with privacy policies concerning personal or private information.

Site Visitor Tracking

Like many web servers, it keeps regular tracking of site visitor data. This includes, but isn’t only limited to, information about browsers such as IP address, URL pages, access time-stamps, and more. In conformity with Web security guidelines, the company guarantees that this act doesn’t seek to identify individuals that visit the website. If it were to do so, it wouldn’t identify individuals who visit the site based on the general information.

Cookies as well as Web Beacons

It floorcarefast.com uses web beacons and cookies to collect information specific to the interests of the visitor. The site uses this information to provide visitors with targeted ads as well as floor cleaning services to enhance the user’s experience on the website.

Our clients, partners, and other third parties can use this information to support our domain-to domain traffic and provide additional ads and other relevant information. Their privacy policies govern them.

How to Manage Your Privacy

Be aware that you can block cookies from your browser settings if you consider active privacy management. If, however, you want to block only specific sites access, you should focus on disabling or enabling cookies on each website. Don’t hesitate to contact your browser’s help feature for assistance regarding cookies.

A Special Note Concerning Google Advertising

As with (Domain name)’s websites that are third-party, Google may opt to make use of and control cookies, which include information about your interests within their privacy policies. This can result in advertisements and offers being included in your algorithm structures, which appear in your search engine. As we mentioned, you have the option to exclude your browser from tracking in order to protect your privacy. Visit this page to discover how to do this.

Contact Information Status

The staff at floorcarefast.com have made it a priority not to utilize any collected or tracked contact information other than direct individual correspondence to the owners. This includes promotions of products for floor care, new flooring tips, articles of the site, updates to the site advertisements, promotions, and more.

Contact Information

For questions that need to be clarified, contact us for the details of our information privacy practices.