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It is your cleaning day, and you start it with a new zeal. However, your  Shark vacuum won’t turn on, making it a bad start to the day.

Shark Vacuum Won't Turn On - An Easy Fix

There may be several reasons why your Shark vacuum won’t turn on. It may be due to loose input power supply connections, voltage fluctuations, or other internal faults inside your cleaner.

Today, I will be sharing how you can troubleshoot Shark vacuum cleaner issues and efficiently fix the common problems. Executing them is simple and does not require much knowledge about Shark vacuum cleaners.

Stay with me until the end to get an easy fix to your Shark vacuum cleaner not turning on.

Tools that may be handy for fixing shark vacuum cleaners

For troubleshooting why your Shark vacuum won’t turn on, having access to the proper tools is essential. If you can correctly use them, it will make the process fast and easy. So let us have a look at what you need to follow along.

1. CRAFTSMAN Assorted 8-Piece Screwdriver Set

The Craftsman 8-piece set of assorted screwdrivers will be the last set of screwdrivers that you will need. They come in 4 different-sized pairs. Each of these pairs has both Philips head and flat head options. 

Features that will be very helpful for you:

Each screwdriver has a black oxide tip that ensures durability and precise grip. You do not have to compromise perfect tip fitting due to this black oxide layer.

Moreover, its quick rotation control for efficient run down and better torque provides excellent comfort when used. 

This fantastic set of useful screwdrivers will cost you around $20 to $25. And their availability in multiple sizes makes them suitable for use in any of your mechanical work.

What do I like best about this product?

I like the black oxide layer on the head of the screwdriver. It gives me an extended lifetime of my tools, meaning less expenditure on replacing worn-out tools. Furthermore, it helps me get a precise grip on the screw head. So you can also try this out.


It would be great if the size of each screwdriver were written at the base of the handle for easy identification. However, if you look from the top, this problem gets solved, and you can quickly identify the proper size.

2. Flat Edge Master Pro Brush

This brush will be your ideal choice whether you need to clean your machine interiors or any other surface. Its small width of 1 inch makes it a good fit for cleaning narrow regions and openings. 

Shark Vacuum Won't Turn On - An Easy Fix

It is a multipurpose brush that can be used for cleaning, dusting, painting, and other activities that may require a meeting. Alongside, it feels very comfortable on the hand during use.

Features that will be very helpful for you:

It has soft and flexible bristles made from a highly durable polyester blend.

If you use it for painting, it can hold a sufficient amount of paint, ensuring smooth artwork and finish.

This brush is very versatile, giving you the flexibility to use it on any surface.

There is a hanging hole, making it very easy to store.

This brush is washable and reusable.

What do I like best about this product?

Its wooden handle feels super comfortable on the hand and gives a steady hold preventing slipping off the needle. The middle part is made from stainless steel, ensuring no rust and high durability.


The bristles may get complicated if not cleaned right after using them for painting. However, if you clean it right after use, it will not be a problem.

Common reasons and solutions to the ‘Shark Vacuum won’t turn on’ problem.

Shark vacuums are feature-rich, making them an excellent choice for many people. However, no one loves a cleaner that has stopped working. The possible reasons for the cleaner not turning on are pretty basic and can be easily fixed. I have listed below some of the common reasons why Shark vacuum won’t turn on.

Loose/Improper power supply connection

Your vacuum cleaner gets power when connecting the plug to your wall or extension socket. While doing this, sometimes, the pin remains loose and does not make a proper connection. As a result, your Shark vacuum cleaner does not get adequate electricity.

Shark Vacuum Won't Turn On - An Easy Fix

To fix this, ensure your plug is correctly connected to the electric socket. If you still see that your Shark vacuum won’t turn on, try moving the wire and plug a little bit. If the problem persists, then it means that your connection is still not proper.

Another thing that you can do is remove the plug and connect it to some other socket just for testing. If that works well, you can understand there was a problem with the previous socket. However, if it is still the same, it is not the socket. There is a problem with the cord or other internal parts of the vacuum cleaner.

To find out whether there are any internal errors, you may need to open your cleaner attachments (in the upcoming segments) and check on the inside. And that brings me to my next common problem: checking the cleaner cable.

Check the cable of the vacuum cleaner.

Disconnect the system from the power supply to ensure your complete safety. Carefully check the vacuum cord of your unit and try to find out whether there are any faults. You may find cuts or cracks on the cable disrupting the electricity flow.

Shark Vacuum Won't Turn On - An Easy Fix

If you find any such issues with your cleaner cord, they need to be changed immediately. On the other hand, if you do not see anything as such, you can move to the next step, resetting the motor thermostat.

Reset Motor Thermostat

When you use a vacuum cleaner, dirt and hair get stuck in the different holes of your cleaner unit. This blocks the holes preventing a proper suction of new dust. But the motor still runs, causing the machine to overheat.

Shark Vacuum Won't Turn On - An Easy Fix

Then, to save the vacuum cleaner circuit, the system turns itself off automatically. Many people consider this an internal fault and complain Shark vacuum stopped working when that is not the case.

To turn it back on, you need to:

  • Unplug the cleaner from the power supply
  • Let the machine cool down
  • Look for and clean off any clogged holes you find
  • Manually reset the thermostat by turning the power switch to the “I-On” position.

Now reconnect the cleaner to the power supply and try turning it on. If the problem persists, check the cable before opening the vacuum unit or call customer support.

It is better not to try opening the entire Shark vacuum cleaner and fix any issue yourself. You may damage the whole cleaner if you do not have extensive knowledge. So it is always better to contact customer support to check it further. 

To prevent overheating, you can regularly clean the brush rolls using a brush and empty the dust cup. You may also need to use a screwdriver to open attachments and clean them thoroughly.


There can be multiple reasons why the Shark vacuum won’t turn on. The steps shown here to determine them are all tried and tested to give positive results. If you follow them, then your problems should get resolved right away.

Also, do not forget to regularly clean the brush rolls of your Shark vacuum cleaner and empty the dust cup. This will ensure prolonged service and prevent the Shark vacuum suction problem.

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